La Messagere Gluten-free Beer

I picked up a 6-pack of La Messagere gluten-free beer on a recent jaunt to Gatineau-Hull. Since we seem to be caught in our first heat wave of the year (ridiculously early if you ask me) I decided to cool off by cracking open one of these bottles. My review: this might just become my favourite summer beer. It is very light and clear with little to no aftertaste, quite refreshing in fact with a hint of of citrus and fizz rather than in-your-face bubbles. Two thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “La Messagere Gluten-free Beer

  • i would agree with your opinion–very tasty and no aftertaste or linger….smooth, refreshing and my new fave 🙂

  • Sorry man , it is the worst beer ever . EVER!!! I tried it one last time to see if I could describe it for what it is . It tasted like swinning pool water , after somebody shit in it. Sure , don’t knock it till you try it , so knock yourself out.

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