Composting Meat, Citrus, Coffee Grounds and Pet Waste


The “bardmatic” composter manufactured out of recycled plastic by the Ottawa-based company Envirocurb can compost all those items the standard backyard composter can’t handle: citrus, cooked foods, meat, bones, coffee grounds and even dog and cat poop. The plastic body of the bardmatic is placed over a hole in the ground (12″ deep) and then is anchored in place by backfilling the soil around it and tamping it down. Many, many years ago the city sold a similar product called the “green cone.” The only difference between the two products is that the greencone had a basket that had to be dug into the ground, whereas the bardmatic unit is solely above ground.

I purchased my unit directly from Envirocurb at the Green Energy and Transportation Fair this past weekend, however I’ve been informed that they are being sold at local Rona Stores.

Envirocurb, 333 Catherine Street, Suite 201, Ottawa, ON, K1R 5T4, (613)233-3854, 1-800-655-0827

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