Ottawa’s Eco-friendly Delivery Company

At the recent Green Energy and Transportation Show I met with the guys who started up Ark Eco Delivery Service. Having worked in the courier and delivery sectors for some time, they had seen a need for green alternatives. Thus, Ark was born.

Ark is environmentally-friendly in many ways. They currently have a fleet of three vehicles of varying sizes from a smart car to a truck, all of which run on biodiesel. Their headquarters are wind-powered and recycled materials are used whenever possible.

Ark provides services at competitive rates to both households and businesses around Ottawa. For households, Ark will pick-up purchased items, such as appliances, sofas etc., and deliver them to your home. They are also available to students and others who are moving apartments or small households.

For businesses, Ark offers courier as well as delivery service. They will also work with companies to study delivery needs and customize services in order to minimize the environmental impacts of doing business.

This post falls into the category of great local environmental services that I have not yet had the opportunity to take advantage of.

Ark Eco Delivery Service, 613-234-3332,

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