poodle1.jpgWe have a standard poodle, and black poodles need to get their hair cut every 6 weeks or so during Ottawa summers (poodle is pictured above pre-haircut). Since we are now car-free (more about that in a week when we celebrate our 6 month anniversary), we had to figure out how we could get the poodle places he needed to go, such as the vet and the groomer’s.

Enter the pet taxi, a service specifically aimed at getting pets and their owners from one place to another. The one pet taxi I know of in Ottawa is Pets Go Taxi (no website), which as far as I can tell is a one man, one van operation. Unlike people taxis, the pet taxi usually needs to be reserved a few days in advance as it books up fast. In my experience Pets Go Taxi has shown up promptly at the time booked and got me and my poodle where we needed to go efficiently and economically (it costs about the same as a people taxi). Plus the driver loves animals, what more could you ask for?

Pets Go Taxi, Ottawa, 613-235-7387