Padgeberry Organic Farm for Sale!

Padgeberry Farm, run by Ross and Edie Batstone, is up for sale. The farm is 58 acres in size, 35 minutes from Ottawa in Osgoode, and includes a 4-bedroom house and various out-buildings. Padgeberry farm has been certified organic for the past 18 years and is currently being recertified for this growing season.

Ross Batstone and Padgeberry Farm have been an important part of the organic community in Ottawa (particularly the Organic Farmers Market) and will be sorely missed. I wish the Batstones well on their new endeavours, and I hope that the farm is bought by someone keen to keep the organic certification and eager to sell to the local community. If you are interested in this unique green real estate opportunity, contact Ross:

Padgeberry Farm, Ross and Edie Batstone, Osgoode ON, 613-826-2286, email: batstone[at]

One thought on “Padgeberry Organic Farm for Sale!

  • Hi!

    I was just told by a colleague, that your farm was for sale. But I didn’t realize it was posted so long ago. I’m sure you have sold it by now, but just in case I thought I’d send an email. Please get back to me if the farm is still for sale.
    Thank you!
    Sarah de Jonge

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