Chemical-free Odor-free Hair Salon in Westboro

Despite thesis pressures (I have to hand it in on July 2nd), I took time off this morning to take the bus out to Westboro so I could get my hair dyed (no grey for me) and cut by Vidal Sassoon-trained Joy Parker in her basement chemical-free, odor-free, environmentally-friendly hair salon.

Joy used to own a regular salon in Ottawa but became sensitive to all the chemicals (such as hair-dye and perming agents) that are used in the hair-care industry. So, she remodeled the basement of her house and in 1990 opened up Pure Joy (formerly Shear Indulgence). She only ever has two or three clients at one time (and often its just me) so it’s also much calmer and quieter than regular salons are.

The all natural hair-dye she uses now comes from Europe and is offered in a wide range of shades–this stuff far surpasses henna in tint range, hair-texture, and longevity. Plus it smells nice, sort of like chocolate. The shampoos and products she uses and sells are predominately made of organic ingredients and odor-free. She carries a full range of Aubrey’s hair and skin-care products, Miessence products (including their fabulous line of cosmetics), as well as a few well-chosen products from other lines.

If you have chemical-sensitivities, are sensitive to fragrance, are serious about stepping lightly on the earth, or just want healthier hair, consider Pure Joy for your hair-styling needs in Ottawa.

Pure Joy Natural Hair Studio, Joy Parker, 613-728-4069

31 thoughts on “Chemical-free Odor-free Hair Salon in Westboro

  • Just a few days I was wondering how I would find a salon in Ottawa that uses natural hair products! Thanks for your post. Do you happen to know the name of the hair dye product line?

  • I think she uses Schwarzkopf all natural dyes from Germany (not sure of the spelling there). Oh, and she’s on holiday for the next two weeks (until the second week of July ’07).

  • Hi there, do you know if Joy is taking new clients? I’ve had a crazy hard time trying to find an eco-friendly salon….


  • I look forward to my first appointment for a shampoo and haircut on November 1, 2007, 11 a.m. I stopped dying my grey hair, because I didn’t want to be exposed unnecessarily to toxic chemicals, after developing sensitivities to so-called “fragrances.” I may reconsider.

  • The last post about this hair salon was from last year.
    Is it still open? If not, any other suggestion for a chemical-free hair pampering?

  • The last post about this hair salon was from last year.
    Is it still open?
    If not, any other suggestion for a chemical-free hair pampering?

    • Lucas Nault hair studio dt ottawa is the FIRST green salon in the city and has been using organic products and natural hair color for 4 years !

      • I went to Lucas Nault once and had such poor service, along with the customer service. I would NOT go there!

  • Claudia,
    I just called and was able to get an appt with Joy. So she a) is still open and b) is accepting new clients. Good luck!

  • I have recently been dealing with extremely damaged hair due to highlights. My stylist continued to suggest them. I didn’t know there was a healthy alternative for colour. A co-worker told me about Joy, a very experienced talented stylist who uses natural colour. Within 2 months I felt like a new person and 10 years younger. What a difference. My hair is on the rebound. It’s shiny and I can comb though it again. Not to mention the colour is gorgeous. I have never, EVER, had this many complements on my hair! WOW! The smart choice to go all natural has made a HUGE improvement. I can’t even express my satisfaction in words. Joy is at the cutting edge of the fashion front always looking and attending seminars for new looks and hot new cuts. Also the colour is a light footprint on the environment. I highly recommend the experience and change. Thanks Joy…

  • I have an appointment with Joy at the end of January for cut and colour. It will be so nice to come out of a salon and not feeling sick.

  • Carla, I was pleased with the results and I’m sure the next time I go for colour, the results will be even better.:)Joy has a relaxed and lovely salon. Most important, I didn’t leave the salon feel ill.

  • Joy’s prices are competitive with other quality shops. Especially when you consider her experties and commitment to colouring hair naturally.

  • Can I just walk in and buy this hair product I have become very sensitive to most hair dye products have tried many , all with allergic reactions

  • Yes you can but i would advice to calling in advance. Joy is busy but always willing to help and take on new clients…

  • Hi,
    I’m looking for a salon that will give me a nice, low maintenance cut, while not pestering me about dying my hair. I’m actually OK with my grey, and I think more people should be too.
    It’s great that Joy uses natural products, but is it all about the dye? If so, I’ll look somewhere else.

  • Anyone been to see her recently?

    I am looking for natural highlights not a full colour. Does anyone know if she does that or does she just do full colour? I currenlty have no grey but am looking for a salon that uses natural products

  • I have an appointment with her but don’t know where her salon is located. I should have asked her and feel kinda silly calling her back now. But looking forward to her scent-free place, once I figure out where it is 😦 Is anyone still around here that could tell me where she is in Westboro? Thank you!

  • I have an appointment with Joy in two days but forgot to ask where her salon is. After playing telephone and voicemail tag for the past two weeks, I’m embarrassed to call and ask. Is anyone who could give me the salon address still around? Might have to just phone 😦 Looking forward to a scent-free environment, though!

  • thank you for all the helpful entries! i just stumbled across joy’s page and was truly thrilled to read that she uses john masters products. i’ve read great things of their natural hair dyes and hope she uses them. just left her a voice mail and hope she calls me back soon, so i can back out of another appointment at a salon that uses aveda colors. i cannot get used to my many greys, but i know after just once having had aveda dye used on me that my scalp became hyper-sensitive. also, the color faded rather quickly, while the smell of ammonia was overwhelming for weeks every time i washed my hair …

  • Can’t stand to be grey so young … however, my exema would not allow for hair dyes any longer. It was a pleasure to find Joy and have her colouring my hair. Exema gone … happy to have Joy in my life! (in more ways than one!)

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