Just a quick note about an exciting project based out of Toronto: www.therealnews.com. The people at realnews.com are putting together a global network of reporters and commentators who will bring important but neglected news stories to viewers and who will report on aspects of major news stories that get glossed over by the likes of CNN and Fox. Their aim is to inform viewers about “the critical issues of our time.” One of the critical issues they will focus on is climate change.

In order to be able to provide independent news, they will be funded entirely by donations from viewers. One of their mottos is: “NO advertising; NO government funding; NO corporate dollars; NO STRINGS”. They are hoping to get 250,000 viewers worldwide to donate the equivalent of $10 a month. To put this into perspective, to have the Ottawa Citizen delivered to your door 7-days a week costs $22.58 a month. And there are plenty of strings attached to that news source.

Therealnews.com already posts news items regularly on their site–check it out. In the fall of 2007 they will be debuting a nightly video news program–stay tuned for that. And from there they hope to expand their production to include a number of regular news magazine type shows. It’s projects like www.therealnews.com that really make the most of what the world wide web can offer to a globalized humanity.

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