They’re organic, they’re heritage, they’re grown within 100-miles of Ottawa, but most importantly they come in white, yellow, orange, red and purple.  Fun food that’s good for you and tasty too from Bryson Farms.
Once upon a time a great many varieties of each vegetable were grown, with distinctive flavours, looks, textures and cooking qualities.  Now most of the commercially grown vegetables come from the same genetic stock and have been bred more for ease of chemically-enhanced growing and for transporting long distances than for culinary pleasure.  Growing heritage vegetables keeps the gene-pool and our kitchens diverse and vibrant.

Bryson Farms is a family-run organic operation in Shawville Quebec that specializes in heirloom/heritage varieties of vegetables.  They grow over 2000 varieties of vegetables, which they sell directly to customers through their weekly home delivery service and at the Parkdale Market in the West End on Saturdays and Sundays.

For more information on the heritage seeds movement in Canada see the Seeds of Diversity website: