One of my readers tipped me off to DeBoer’s Furniture’s new everGreen line of “eco-conscious” furniture. DeBoer’s, an Ontario furniture retailer with stores in Toronto and Ottawa, has established a fairly rigourous set of environmental criteria for its everGreen line and has worked hard to find furniture that meets these standards. The Ottawa store carries everGreen pieces for bedrooms, living-rooms and dining-rooms, including Natura mattresses.

DeBoer’s goal is to provide furnishings to Canadians that meet Europe’s stringent environmental labeling standards. EverGreen products include those made from organic, recycled and recyclable fabrics; natural foam; sustainably harvested wood, and formaldehyde-free, low-VOC glues, stains and finishes. DeBoer’s has also looked for manufacturers that minimize the impact their facilities have on the environment.

DeBoer’s everGreen furniture line is manufactured in Italy, Denmark, British Columbia and Ontario. The Canadian companies represented in this line are Upholstery Arts from Vancouver, Natura Mattresses from Cambridge Ontario and Urban Tree Salvage from Toronto.

For more media coverage on DeBoer’s everGreen furniture see a recent article in the National Post, as well as pieces on other green-blogger sites (they have photos) and

This is a purely researched post. Though I did talk to someone at the Ottawa DeBoer’s store to make sure that they were carrying the everGreen line here, I have not actually seen any of these products. I’d be interested in getting comments from people who had seen or even bought these products. See my previous posts on local environmentally-friendly sofas and chairs and mattresses.

DeBoer’s Furniture, 1050 Baxter Rd, Ottawa, ON, Canada, (613) 828-9682