Last Week to Visit the Green Exhibit at the Cube Gallery

Ottawa’s Cube Gallery has been hosting a group show of art about the environment for the month of October.  Sculpture, photography and paintings by 15 artists exploring the more-than-human world and humans’ place in it are on display until Sunday October 28th.

I managed to catch a glimpse of the Green Exhibit today (though the gallery is not open to the public Mondays or Tuesdays) and liked what I saw: some industrial landscapes, some wilderness landscapes, some provocative and even disturbing pieces, some reverent and even spiritual pieces.  Definitely worth the trip to the Parkdale Market neighbourhood where Cube makes its home.

In related news, Cube Gallery has recently signed on to source all its electricity from Bullfrog Power, making it the only art gallery in Canada to be green powered.  For you bike-commuters, the Cube Gallery also has a first-rate rack out front that will accommodate up to 5 bikes.

Cube Gallery is open Wednesdays to Fridays 11-6pm and Saturdays and Sundays 10-5pm.

Cube Gallery, 7 Hamilton Ave., North, 613-728-1750

One thought on “Last Week to Visit the Green Exhibit at the Cube Gallery

  • I barely made it to the Green exhibit, in the last hour and a half on the very last day I took a break from studying and biked there just before the show closed.

    One piece especially stood out: a giant photo of a leaf with a shadowy image of people superimposed on its surface. I asked the gallery owner about the piece, and he filled me in on the details of its creation.

    The artist dried a leaf, made a cut-out image of a circle of people holding hands, placed the cut-out on the leaf which was then exposed to the sun to create a solar ‘tattoo’. She took a digital photo of the whole thing and enlarged it massively, then had it printed on canvas.

    This strikes me as a truly inspired way to create an art piece, and i like the statement that the artist appears to make: humans are a part of nature. We can express our creativity by collaborating with the natural world.

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