Buying Canadian-made Organic Baby-clothes in Ottawa

Canadian company, Parade Organic makes colourful and modern baby clothes out of 100% organic cotton.  They have two lines, one line focussed on nice solid blocky colours, and the other line sporting pictures and words.  An extensive selection from both design lines is now available in Ottawa at Heavens to Betsy, a fun store with an eclectic mix of just about anything–including organic clothing for babies.

Heavens to Betsy, 1243 Wellington Street, Ottawa, 613 722 1946

4 thoughts on “Buying Canadian-made Organic Baby-clothes in Ottawa

  • Hi there. If you’re interested in eco-friendly bedding, I was just in Barb’s Touch of Elegance on Richmond Road (Westboro) today, and they are stocking the most beautifully, soft sheets made of 100% bamboo, by ohso soft. They come in a variety of colours and they are SO soft, it’s just like touching cashmere or silk.

  • We carry a strong line-up of organics for infants to toddlers…lines such as Dimples Merino Wool, Egg Organics, Oh Geez Organics, Beba Bean Bambu to name but a few. If you are looking for infant organics, Chick Pea is the place to go…

    Come discover…1395 Wellington St.

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