Day Six: The Gift of Learning


Okay, I’m shamelessly recycling a graphic from a previous post.  But this season is always so crazy busy and I went and made myself the goal of 12 posts before Christmas and it’s December 17th and I still have 7 to go. So you’ll have to forgive me.

This is yet another post about thingless gifts. I have to do a range of posts on the topic otherwise everyone on my list will be able to figure out what I’m getting them. Today’s post is on giving lessons as presents. I don’t believe there is any other type of gift that is as free of packaging waste and as certain to contribute to the local economy as lessons are.

Again, if you have talent and teaching skills, you might want to give the gift of a lesson with you as instructor. Otherwise there are a vast range of public and private institutions and individuals who teach everything from tennis, to singing, to drumming, to dancing, to yoga, to painting, to sculpture, to accounting. You name it, there is something for everyone out there, even that person on your list that you dread shopping for because it is so hard to think of anything that would please them.

In fact, there are far too many schools out there to list all of them. However, here are a few ideas to inspire you…

  • If that person on your list is musical, but you’re not really sure which instrument she would like to learn to play, give her a gift certificate to the Ottawa Folklore Centre.
  • If that person on your list is artistic, but you’re not sure whether he’s into pastels, watercolours, or mixed media sculpture, give him a gift certificate to The Ottawa School of Art.
  • Rama Lotus Yoga Studios offers passes that allow people to take whatever class suits them at whatever time.

The Ottawa Folklore Centre, 1111 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3X4, 613 730-2887

The Ottawa School of Art, 35 George Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 8W5, 613 241-7471

Rama Lotus Yoga, 340 Gladstone Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0Y8, 613 234-7974

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