Tune in as GreenLivingOttawa goes out on the national airwaves…

I recently spent an afternoon in CBC journalist/producer Michael Bhardwaj’s apartment helping him measure his electricity usage. Our conversation, abbreviated down to 4 minutes, will be broadcast on the CBC radio show Spark on Wednesday, January 23rd, at 11:30 am on Radio One (91.5 FM in Ottawa). In case you miss it, the show will be repeated Saturday at 4:00 pm (that’s January 26th).

Spark is a national show that concerns how technology impacts on our lives and on society. You can catch in on-line at: www.cbc.ca/podcasting

Here’s the link (it also includes an interview with Alex Steffen mentioned in my January 23rd post:  http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/spark_20080123_4503.mp3)

3 thoughts on “Tune in as GreenLivingOttawa goes out on the national airwaves…

  • I’m subscribed to the Spark podcast and just listened to it. Good job!

    How do I get you and Dave over to my house? Seriously. I wouldn’t mind seeing how much some of my appliances are using.

  • I heard this broadcast by coincidence as I putzed around the house. I recognized Allette’s voice right away. I thought it was great!

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