Support a Pesticide Ban in Ontario

You have until February 17th to add your support to proposed provincial pesticide banning legislation.

For more information on the dangers of pesticides, the campaign to ban pesticides and the proposed Queen’s Park legislation see: Pesticide Free Ontario.

To send  your comments on the legislation go to this government link.

3 thoughts on “Support a Pesticide Ban in Ontario

  • My partner was obseessed with his lawn. Against my wishes, he used them heartily and very regularly without hesitation. Our three year old dog was overly exposed to these chemicals and contracted cancer of the spleen. We have not used pesticides since and have found great alternatives. Our lawn looks fine, our new dog is healthier for it and so are we.
    Anyone can get by without using pesticides-including parks and golf courses. Our health is most important. Let’s get with the program. It is overdue.

  • I fully support the ban on all use of pesticides throughout the province of
    Ontario. As an very serious environmentalist who lives lightly on the planet and who cares
    deeply about the serious effects of climate change, I feel that the continual
    use of pesticides only speeds up the negative effects of global warming.
    Spraying poison on natural living plants and organisms not only has detrimental
    effects on those living entities, but there birds, pets, wildlife and useful
    insects are poisoned as well. Pesticides leach into the earth causing it to
    remain poisoned for years to come. Pesticides drain into our waterways
    poisoning fish, marine life and our drinking water. Pesticides are carcinogens
    to all life. Personally, I wish they had never ever been created. Their removal
    from existence is long overdue.

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