Coming Home to Organic Fruits and Veggies

As was recently pointed out in a comment, I have not been keeping up on my posts lately. My apologies, but these days all I want to do when I get home after an hour and a half to two hour bus-through-snow commute is flake out on the sofa.

However, this weekend I’ve decided not to try to do anything outside of the house, but just to sit tight and weather out this latest storm, so I have time to post. I don’t even have to go grocery shopping because while I was at work yesterday afternoon, Ottawa Organics stopped by my house and filled the cooler I keep on the front porch with fresh organic fruit and vegetables, warm-from-the-oven bread, and milk in a glass bottle.

Ottawa Organics and Natural Foods is a local company that started up in June of 2007.  They offer local and imported organically grown fruits and vegetables through a food box program or a la carte.  They also sell dairy products, local grains and flours, locally-roasted coffee, chocolate bars, locally produced condiments, and baked goods from two bakeries: Art-Is-In and Bread and Sons.

Ottawa Organics makes an effort to offer a wide variety of produce in their box and to change what is included from week to week.  We find the medium-sized food box is perfect for a couple.  They also offer small and large boxes, or you can just pick from a list of fruits and veggies.  Everything we have ordered from them has been high quality.  I have also been impressed by the minimal packaging they use.

While they do try to source as much as possible locally, at the end of a long winter such as we are having this year, most produce comes from elsewhere.  For a carless couple with busy lives, the best part Ottawa Organics is that for a minimum order of $25 they deliver to our door.  Orders have to be placed on-line by Tuesday evening for Thursday or Friday delivery.

Ottawa Organics and Natural Foods, 333 Catherine St #215, Ottawa, (613) 234-1515,

7 thoughts on “Coming Home to Organic Fruits and Veggies

  • Another local company, Life Organic, offers a similar service. I’ve been receiving a weekly veggie box delivery from them since September 2007, and have been very pleased with the quality and service. Organic dairy, breads, and other add-ons are also available.

  • I loved hearing your feedback on Ottawa Organics delivery. I’ve been researching for weeks on a service and can’t decide! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • I have been receiving a large basket from Ottawa Organics for a couple months now. We are just a young couple but as we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, it goes quickly. Plus it helps to have the extra around for the moments when you entertain. I am always pleased by the quality of the products provided and the service.

  • Scout, thanks for sharing Life Organic. I would love to get a box from Ottawa Organics but I live in the sticks, so I need a place that will deliver to my workplace in Kanata. Right now I’m with Bryson Farms but I would love a service that delivers eggs and dairy as well. I’m going to check out LO!

  • I recently found out about Ottawa Organics and placed my first order for a small basket last week. I was extremely happy with the quality of the produce and will continue the service. They can deliver or you can pick up if they do not deliver to your home or office.

  • I recieved my first order from Ottawa Organic last week. I ordered a small box for a couple and it is a bit small for us. I will upgrade to a med. box when i decide to do more cooking.

    🙂 So far I’m pretty pleased with it.

  • Does anyone know of a good source of information for ‘alternative’ places to buy groceries? I do love my weekly veggie (and extras) delivery, but I’m also looking for alternatives to Loblaws and the like for dry goods and other staples like toilet paper and garbage bags.

    Greenly yours,
    Scout 🙂

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