Inspired by Odjig

I took my lunch hour at the Museum of Civilization the other day, and spent my time at the Daphne Odjig exhibit.  Daphne Odjig is a First Nations woman who was born on Manitoulin Island in Ontario and who went on to become one of the most influential Canadian Artists of her time.  The exhibit covers 40 years of her career as an artist and contains 95 prints ranging from the political to the intimately personal.  She has a lyrical and ultimately optimistic eye and I highly recommend a trip to see this exhibit before it ends on April 20th.  “Daphne Odjig: Four Decades of Prints” provides an inspiring vision of humanity in harmony with the more-than-human world.  A vision that is sorely needed.

BTW, although it is a special exhibit, it is free with a regular admission ticket.

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