Enjoying a Pint of Organic Ale on the Commute Home

Since it was such a nice day, Mike and I decided to walk home from work. And since we were enjoying the walk along the canal so much, we decided to make an outing of it, stopping at the halfway point, The Royal Oak, for beer and munchies. Who ever said commuting had to be an ordeal?

I have to confess being a little slow to accept the nice weather. Today’s outing was my first patio sit of the season. Fortunately The Royal Oak had the perfect beer for summertime patio drinking. The Royal Oak is currently having a Best of Britain Festival (on until April 27th). As part of this festival, they’ve imported a bunch of kegs of British beer, including Fuller’s Organic Honeydew beer, a “wonderfuly refreshing golden ale”, made entirely from organically grown ingredients. They’ve even got a Butternut soup on the menu that features the beer. The Organic Honeydew is a light hoppy summer beer and I hope the Oak will continue to carry it, even as their British festival winds down.

The Royal Oak Pub, 221 Echo Drive, on the canal, (613) 234-3700

5 thoughts on “Enjoying a Pint of Organic Ale on the Commute Home

  • Finding and enjoying an organic beer is a good thing! But a better thing would be enjoying a local-brewed beer that also uses organic ingredients and doesn’t impose such a huge environmental impact as a result of being shipped across the ocean from Britain. Such a beer exists … it’s called Lug Tread Lagered Ale from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill. It’s become my favourite beer! For a list of places you can buy Beau’s in the region (including the LCBO) go to http://beaus.ca.

    Try it … you’ll like it … and without any green guilt.

  • Oh, and I believe the only way to build a sustainable future (environmentally, socially, emotionally etc.) is to base it on pleasure not guilt, and I take my pleasure where I can find it.

    ; )

  • Glad you liked the Fuller’s. At Christmas, the LCBO also brought in some excellent Brakspear’s Organic, what was once your and my local brew

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