Main Street Farmer’s Market Opens Saturday May 17

Just a quick note to let all the localvores out there know that Ottawa’s Main Street Farmer’s Market will be opening their season this coming Saturday, May 17th.  The market will run every Saturday for the summer from 9 am to 2 pm in the parking lot of St. Paul’s University on Main Street.  Only local producers selling their own locally produced goods are permitted to sell at this market.  See you there!

3 thoughts on “Main Street Farmer’s Market Opens Saturday May 17

  • I was just at the opening (Saturday, May 10th) of the Carp Farmers Market. It was a breezy weekend, but the company was great.

    Fair trade coffee, Indian, Thai and bacon on a bun were some of the food options that you can find every weekend. There were native plants, vegetable seedlings, roses and shrubs. Last years apples look terrific. Baked goods abound.

    The pavillion always offers meat and eggs as well as some specialty items. There are a number of booths with locally sewn kids clothes. Tablecloths, placemats and oven mitts are an essential part of the Carp market feel.

    The best thing is that you can bring your dog!

  • I went over to the website for the Ottawa Farmer’s Market and found Fitzroy Beef Farmers. I’ve called and am placing an order. Since I live in Kanata it isn’t too far and the prices are really good. They are mostly grass feed and get some grain feed near the end but there isn’t any antibiotics or hormones in any of their feed.

  • hi there i make hemp and beaded jewlergy using, silver, wood, gladd and gem stone beads. I also make different decorations and some raw organic snack food. I would love to have a table at the market what to i have to do?
    Thank you

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