Guest Post: Tackling Dust Bunnies with a Green Ethic

This guest post comes from Molly who moved to Ottawa from Calgary a few years ago and writes that she “is always pleased whenever she finds a small local business who shares her worldview that she can support.”

I’m a new mum and I have a dirty little secret. When our daughter was a few months old, my husband and I looked around the house and realized the dust bunnies were getting as big as our beloved mud-tracking, hair-shedding hounds. Once I accepted the fact that I am no June Clever (and my hubby is no Mr. Clean), it was easy to pick up the phone and ask for help. Being a baking soda, vinegar, and elbow grease kind of household, my only concern was that I needed to find someone who used cleaning products that were compatible with our green ethic. The Cleaning Crew came to our rescue and has been helping out every couple of weeks since. This young and energetic husband and wife team has been so successful with their eco-friendly cleaning service that they now have a small army of conscientious cleaners working for them. The Cleaning Crew uses Nature Clean products on our bathroom and kitchen surfaces and Murphy’s Oil soap on our hardwood floors. I’ve been so impressed with both their customer service and the quality of their work that I feel the need to spread the word. I think their rates are slightly higher than conventional cleaners but well worth the peace of mind as I watch my daughter, now eight months old, learning to crawl across my sparkling floor. More information is available on their website at:

One thought on “Guest Post: Tackling Dust Bunnies with a Green Ethic

  • As someone who also does not tackle her own dust bunnies, this made me think. I literally couldn’t remember if I checked with my current housecleaning company about the products they use. I was all ready to have to change companies. Happily, I found that my current company, Cottage Care, at least claims to be 100% Eco-friendly. No real proof, they don’t list their product choices, but it’s enough for me. Their website says they choose products that are eco and human friendly in order to protect their workers and their customers. I thought that was a nice way to think about it.

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