Changes afoot at GreenLivingOttawa

I’ve been busy this summer getting ready for a move to the U.K., hence the sharp drop in the number of posts.  I will be gone for two years. While I am away all of the posts that I have made will still be accessible through the archive.  I’m excited to announce, however, that starting in September of 2008 an environmental studies class at Carleton University will take over making new posts for this blog.

I hope you all continue to read and to comment.



2 thoughts on “Changes afoot at GreenLivingOttawa

  • Just wanted to let you know about a film screening happening in Ottawa on Wednesday October 15th. David Chernuschenko’s ‘Be the Change’ will be shown, followed by at Q&A with David, at Ashbury College Theatre, from 7-9pm. Admission by Donation. The film is presented by various community associations; LCA, NECA, RPRA, and the CGA.
    Come to see ‘an inspirign documentary about local people living lightly… and loving it!’
    Thanks, Sophie Oliver, LEAF

  • Hello,

    My name is Samantha and I am a reporter for Capital News Online. We are working on a multimedia project centering around consumerism and the holidays. I read your post about your thingless New Years resolution and was wondering how it went. Please send me an email when you get this, as we are working under tight deadlines. Thanks,

    Samantha Schmidt

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