Looking for people to post on Green Living in Ottawa

Green Living Ottawa needs new posts.  As I currently live in Edinburgh, I can’t post on living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle in Ottawa.  Besides GreenLivingEdinburgh.com is taking up all my blogging time right now.  If you are an Ottawa resident and would like to write a post for this blog please contact me.

Over the last two years Green Living Ottawa has reached tens of thousands of people, connecting them with local sources for green products, volunteering opportunities, and ideas for sustainable living.  The site gets about 150 hits a day and there are over 140 people subscribed to its email service.  It took a long time to build this momentum.

If I could get one new post up each month that would keep the blog going until I return from Edinburgh in a year and a half.  Posts must be on some aspect of green living specific to Ottawa that you have direct experience with.  I don’t want advertising pieces from businesses, but I do want to hear from customers of local green businesses, volunteers with local environmental organizations and people who have adopted sustainable lifestyles.

This site has no sources of income.  I pay out of my own pocket to keep this site running.  The only compensation I can offer is that your post, with your name on it, will be read by a lot of people in your community and will ultimately contribute to greening that community.

If you’d like to contribute a post, please contact me at:  alettewillis at gmail dot com.


If you would like to contribute a post to this blog, please see Notes for Guest Bloggers

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