Climate Justice – Climate Action – April 20th

Post from guest blogger Eloise Collison. Eloise is a freelance writer, organic gardener, and fibre fanatic who lives and writes in Westboro.

photo by Eloise Collison

Climate Action Network Canada and Greenpeace Canada are hosting an event featuring leading climate change thinkers from the United States and Europe, short films on climate justice, and a reception to celebrate the launch of new reports from Eco-Equity, the Pembina Institute, and Greenpeace Canada.

This event will address issues surrounding Canada’s commitment to stabilizing the earth’s climate and stimulating a green energy revolution here.

Featured speakers will include:

Tom Athanasiou, director of EcoEquity, a U.S.-based organization dedicated to linking ecological issues with the problems of social equity. He will be discussing ways the international community can carry out an emergency program to stabilize the Earth’s climate
while preserving sustainable human development.

Sven Teske, Greenpeace International’s Amsterdam-based Renewable Energy Director. He will be talking about how to kick-start a clean energy revolution here at home.

Monday, April 20, 2009 Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington St., Ottawa ON

Phone: 613-558-3368 Email: mburgess (at)

One thought on “Climate Justice – Climate Action – April 20th

  • Sorry I missed it.

    While I’m convinced that climate change is very real, I am concerned about the retreat from the term global warming that we have been seeing. Certainly it’s more complex than that, and we are seeing climate extremes that can’t be simply described by the phrase “warming” Still, I’m afraid that it looks like we are retreating and admitting that the world is not warming.

    Climate Change for our childrens’ future.

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