Support Local Artisans Who Use the 3-Rs in Their Crafts – April 18 and 19

Here’s an event that I wish I was in town to attend:  The third annual Salon des Artisans-Récupérateurs de L’Outaouais.  This craft fair will be on April 18th and 19th at the Tétreau Community Centre in Gatineau.  There will be over 50 crafts-people selling everything from jewellry, to clothing, accessories, paintings, sculptures, and household items.

The show is being organized by Friends of the Earth Outaouais and Véronique Bérubé of Design-Vert.  Everything for sale must be designed and made by the artisans present.  In order to qualify for the show, the items must be made primarily out of re-used or recycled materials, and be of high quality workmanship and artistry.

Alongside the craft fair there will be workshops, a recycled craft area for kids, items on display from an international contest to make toys out of reused materials, and a café.  Please note that there is no ATM on site and that many of the artisans will only be able to accept cash.

I’m honestly astonished (pleasantly) that there are 50 such artisans in our local area.  So please take the opportunity to support local environmentally-friendly crafts-people and let us imagine a day when most of the goods we buy are locally produced from sustainable sources.

Salon des Artisans-Récupérateurs de L’Outaouais

  • When: 18th and 19th of April from 10 am to 5pm.
  • Where: Tétreau Community Centre (Parc Mousette), 361 Boulevard de Lucerne, Gatineau
  • Admission is free!
  • Parking is also free, but the Community Centre is easily accessible by bike along the path that runs on the North bank of the Ottawa River.  So why not use environmentally-friendly transportation to get there.

One thought on “Support Local Artisans Who Use the 3-Rs in Their Crafts – April 18 and 19

  • Hello,
    I was reading the citizen last week and it had a list of upcoming events and festivals in Ottawa. There was one, which I forget the name of, it was a “green festival” of sorts, coming up this summer. Do you know anything about this? I accidentally recycled the paper and haven’t been able to find any info on it.


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