An Embarrassing Time to Be a Canadian Abroad

I’ve been living in Edinburgh for the last year and a bit, doing postdoctoral work at Edinburgh University. I have to say that it is refreshing to be living in a country that recognizes climate change as an important issue and even has a government Department of Energy and Climate Change.  Unfortunately, it is also an embarrassing time to be a Canadian living abroad.  Recently, the image of Canadians as decent people who contribute to the good of the globe has been tarnished.  Actually that is an understatement.

If you want to see the sort of press Canada is getting over here, check out respected journalist, George Monbiot’s article available on-line here:

Time is running out for an effective deal in Copenhagen.  If you’ve got a minute and haven’t already done so, please sign Avaaz’s petition.  Let Harper know Canadians want action on climate change and let the World know that Harper’s actions and attitudes do not represent those of ordinary Canadians.

Avaaz is a web-based activist organization with over 3.5 million members from around the world.  It’s co-founder and director, Rick Patel is Canadian.

4 thoughts on “An Embarrassing Time to Be a Canadian Abroad

  • I’m all for ecology, but kyoto protocol is a scam and global warming is also a scam. I am glad Canada is not participating. It’s our taxpayer dollars at hand.

  • I agree with how Mr Harper has tarnished our image of a caring, peaceful, compassionate people. His determination to remove culture, art and common sense from the Canadian mosaic is real, progressive and bad. These notes from Edinburgh are further evidence of how his negative policies and their effects are damaging our reputation.

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