Green Living Ottawa’s 200th Post

Written by guest blogger Denise Deby, who writes on local and global social and environmental issues and was more surprised than anyone to realise she has just completed her 63rd guest post for Green Living Ottawa.

You’ll know if you read this blog that Alette Willis created Green Living Ottawa a few years ago as a way to share positive ways of living sustainably in Ottawa.

When Alette mentioned to me recently that this post would be Green Living Ottawa’s 200th, I couldn’t help but use it to say congratulations to her, and thanks – thanks for making this a space for information, conversations and inspiration on how we in Ottawa can live “green,” do what we can, and not feel alone in doing so.

Alette’s been living in Edinburgh, but had the idea to open up the blog to guest bloggers while she’s away, to enable Green Living Ottawa to continue. She’s warmly welcomed our contributions and perspectives, and keeps the blog going despite the time and energy it takes.

So congratulations, Alette, for over 4 years and 200 posts of Green Living Ottawa, and for making Ottawa (and beyond) better.

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