Greenpeace Ottawa-Gatineau

Guest post written by Brett Hodnett.

Arctic sea ice by Nasa Goddard Photo and Video, Creative Commons
Arctic sea ice by Nasa Goddard Photo and Video, Creative Commons

Get Involved With Your Local Ottawa Greenpeace Group

There is now an Ottawa Local Group of Greenpeace! With decisions made in our city every day that imperil a sustainable future, there is an urgent need to build a grassroots movement here in the Nation’s Capital.

For our next action we will be joining thousands of people around the world who will be coming together on April 20 to form human banners spelling out I ♥ Arctic. Together we will call on our political leaders to protect the Arctic from activities that put this fragile environment at risk, such as oil drilling and industrial fishing. Have a look at the video [below].

Become a part of this global mobilization in cities from Buenos Aires to Bangkok and from Berlin to Bangalore: join our human banner event here in Ottawa! What happens in the Arctic affects us all -that’s why we are coming together on April 20 to take joint action across the globe.

In Ottawa, with the backdrop of the Parliament Buildings, we have the unique opportunity to show the world that Canada cares about the fate of the Arctic. Meet at noon at the eternal flame on Parliament Hill and bring your friends.

We also hold monthly meetings where discussion is wide open about how, as a group, we can best bring change to Ottawa and inform the public about the many threats to our future. If you would like to get involved, send us an email at or look for us on Facebook as Greenpeace Ottawa-Gatineau.

I hope we’ll see you on the 20th.

One thought on “Greenpeace Ottawa-Gatineau

  • I will not be joining the Ottawa Greenpeace! My husband is Inuit, originally from Northern Baffin and Greenpeace has greatly impacted the ability of Inuit to support themselves economically at there traditional subsistence level of traditional hunting. Greenpeace seems to focus on the animals, not considering how those who live and rely on these animals for their lives are impacted by their negative portrayals.

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