Sustainable Transportation Week 2013 in Ottawa

Guest post submitted by Sarah Bradley, Transportation Demand Management Program Assistant, EnviroCentre.

Car-free day 2012 photo courtesy Envirocentre
Car-free day 2012 photo courtesy EnviroCentre

What: Sustainable Transportation Week 2013

Date: Free Contest open September 16-22 (events throughout the week)

Location: multiple locations, including Ottawa City Hall, Corktown Bridge


More info:

The third edition of Sustainable Transportation Week (STW) is coming to Ottawa September 16 to 22. Coordinated by EnviroCentre in partnership with the City of Ottawa and Vivre en Ville in Gatineau, the goal of STW is to encourage residents of the National Capital Region to walk, cycle, take transit, and carpool instead of driving alone.

How can you participate?

·         Commit to using sustainable transportation at least once by joining the free contest : you could win an exciting transportation-related prize like VIA Rail tickets for four, or an annual OC Transpo pass

·         Join a sustainability tour and explore Ottawa’s unique natural and cultural sites

·         Follow the bike-bus-car race to see which mode can navigate through rush-hour traffic the fastest

·         Learn about work-shifting and how it can make your commute easier at the public conference

·         And much more!

One thought on “Sustainable Transportation Week 2013 in Ottawa

  • Check out the Ecology Ottawa booth on Sunday, September 22nd – Car Free Day. The City has closed Richmond Road for a few blocks and Ecology Ottawa and others will be celebrating Active Transportation!
    Stop by and say “hi”, sign a petition or two, and let us know what a “Complete Street” means for YOUR neighbourhood.

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