Launch of “Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever”

Written by Denise Deby.

Image courtesy Octopus Books
Image courtesy Octopus Books

Author and water rights activist Maude Barlow has written a new book, Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever. It’s the third in a series, after Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World’s Water (co-authored by Tony Clarke) and Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water.

Maude Barlow will be launching Blue Future in Ottawa on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, at Centretown United Church (507 Bank St.) from 7-9 p.m. The launch is hosted by Octopus Books and the Council of Canadians with several other organizations co-sponsoring. Check the website for information and tickets.

Published by Anansi, Blue Future gives examples of where people have come together to protect water and offers solutions to the global water crisis, based on principles that include recognizing the human right to water and water as a public trust. That’s welcome news for a planet on which water, necessary for all life, is at great risk.

Maude Barlow, who lives in Ottawa, is the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians and has received many awards for her environment and human rights work. She’s also an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. Here’s a quote from an address she gave at Trent University in 2009:

Do not listen to those who say there is nothing you can do to the very real and large social and environmental issues of our time. There are serious problems that beset our world. I’m not now talking about a false sense of optimism based on ignoring the very real crises we face, but there is so much room for hope. And such a need to bring joy and excitement to our commitment to a different future….”

One thought on “Launch of “Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever”

  • Dear Maude
    I commend your cause and efforts to protect and prevent. The pipeline project I hope that people Power will prevail. In this I watched a video of the project. It was disgusting all of that oil leaching into the water and soil. I hope with enough support it put a stop to the expansion. For Canada’s and the U.S’s sake!

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