Food, Glorious Local Food

Written by Denise Deby.

Biodome under construction - D. Deby photo

There are at least three good reasons to head to Brewer Park this Sunday.

1. Biodome Garden

Hard-working volunteers at the Brewer Park Community Garden have created Ottawa’s first Biodome Garden. It’s a geodesic dome structure containing beds where gardeners can grow food for several months beyond what Ottawa’s climate normally allows. It will also house an aquaponics system and host community and education programs.

The Garden’s grand opening and tour is at 11 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 17.

I had the opportunity to speak with garden leaders Michael Oster, Johanne Ranger and Guy Soulière this spring. They explained that the Biodome uses solar and radiant energy and rainfall capture in an efficient, low-input system for local food production. Michael Oster points out that the technologies are readily available—although it took research, determination and community support and expertise, as well as financing from the City of Ottawa’s Better Neighbourhoods Program, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Just Food and the Community Garden Network, to make the Biodome Garden happen.

They hope people will come and learn about the Garden and even adapt some of the ideas being tested there in other community, school and home gardens. Visitors are welcome to tour the Biodome Garden and celebrate its launch. You’ll spot the Biodome at 100 Brewer Way across from Brewer Arena.

2. Savour Ottawa Harvest Table

Want to try culinary delights whipped up by talented Ottawa chefs using fresh, seasonal ingredients grown by local farmers? Come to Harvest Table on Sunday, Aug. 17.

This annual event in Brewer Park brings local producers (e.g. Bryson Farms, Acorn Creek Garden Farm, Hall’s Apple Market) together with local restaurants (e.g. Thyme and Again Creative Catering, Le Café at the NAC) and local craft breweries and wineries.

Tickets are $75, and you have to buy them in advance here. (Check here for Laura Robin’s article on Harvest Table in the Ottawa Citizen.)

3. Ottawa Farmers’ Market

The Ottawa Farmers’ Market will be open at Brewer Park on Sunday, and every Sunday until mid-November, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pick up a week’s worth of fresh produce, baked goods, eggs and other treats, or ingredients for a picnic in the park. Find more information and the list of vendors here.



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