Holiday Gift Ideas from EnviroCentre

Guest post from Carol Burnup, EnviroCentre.

Photo courtesy of EnviroCentre
Photo courtesy of EnviroCentre

Carol Burnup at EnviroCentre asked Green Living Ottawa to help get the word out about the earth-friendly products available in their recently renovated boutique.

She says EnviroCentre’s products are intended “to help people conserve energy, reduce waste, or assist in increasing sustainable transportation usage. They are also, where possible, upcycled, minimally packaged, locally or domestically made and functional.”

Here are some of her gift or stocking stuffer suggestions:

1. Pure Beeswax Candles: Handcrafted in Ontario from pure beeswax by the artisans at Pheylonian Bee Works, beeswax candles make a beautiful and functional gift. Beeswax burns with a bright and hot flame producing none of the toxins associated with paraffin wax candles.

2. Mohair Socks: Made just outside of Ottawa, these socks are warm and comfortable with cashmere-like feel. Theromhair Mohair is not wool and those with wool sensitivities can enjoy these premium quality socks. Great for outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those with poor circulation or diabetes.

3. Organic Cotton Bath Sets: Glo-organics offers the finest quality cotton bath products for your gift giving pleasure. Made in India where cotton has a long history of cultivation, Glo-organics uses only certified fair-trade and organic cotton ensuring that both worker and the environment are respected.

4. Wool Felt Dryer Balls: Wool Felt Dryer Balls from Didi Bahini allow you to give the gift of savings and better health. The David Suzuki Foundation reports energy savings as high as 50% (of dyer energy use) through the use of dryer balls. Our wool felt dryer balls come in a set of four balls and are stored in an attractive crocheted style cotton bag.

5. Abeego Food Wraps: Abeego reusable beeswax food wrap products are made in Vancouver from hemp, cotton, beeswax and tree resins, Abeego food wraps can be used many times and eliminate the use of petroleum based, non-recyclable food wrap. Abeego wraps keep food fresher and are a functional gift that you can give with pride.

The boutique is currently open longer for the holiday season and holiday hours of operation and location are on EnviroCentre’s website:

Here’s more from Carol about EnviroCentre:

EnviroCentre is the go-to source of practical services and programs that help individuals and organizations conserve energy, improve environmental health and act more sustainably.

We have three main areas of focus:

Building Energy Efficiency: We offer energy assessments and energy retrofit solutions for your home, business or property.

Sustainable Transportation: We offer workshops, tools and incentives to help you or your organization discover the benefits of transit, biking, walking, carpooling or car sharing.

EnviroBoutique: We sell environmentally-friendly products related to energy efficiency and sustainable transportation and are an e-waste drop-off centre.

For more information on the services and programs we provide, please visit


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