Bird Day Fair 2015

Guest post submitted by Matthew Blogg of Nature Canada.


The third annual Bird Day Fair is preparing to take flight yet again this year and Ottawa is getting ready to flock to it like birds of a feather!

WHEN: May 30th 2015

WHERE: Andrew Haydon Park

WHY: The annual Bird Day Fair provides a great opportunity for Ottawa area residents and visitors alike to enjoy a fun day filled with activities for the kids, valuable learning experiences for the adults and is a great reason for anyone in the community to come join us for a beautiful day in the park.

Who: This year the Bird Day Fair has a great lineup of entertainment and educators for all to enjoy. From the creepy crawler creatures of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo to the majestic falcons of Falcon-Ed there will be something slithering or something soaring all day.

How: Without the generous donations of both time and money by Ottawa local businesses, fun filled events like the Bird Day Fair could not be made possible. It is thanks to the many volunteers and all the people involved that make this fair a success.

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