Ecology Ottawa’s 10th Anniversary

Congratulations to Ecology Ottawa on your 10th anniversary!

Over the past decade, Ecology Ottawa has evolved from a small, volunteer-run effort to an organization and movement that has led significant progress on environmental awareness and action in Ottawa. They’ve brought sustained attention at a local level to climate change and clean energy, galvanized action against the Energy East pipeline through “Tar Free 613,” and promoted the health of rivers, trees and city streets.

Kudos to Graham Saul, who after five years as Executive Director is moving on, and to the rest of the Ecology Ottawa leadership.

Of course, volunteers are still the heart and soul of Ecology Ottawa, and much remains to be done. It’s a good place to get involved, if you have an inclination to contribute to or lead environmental change in Ottawa.

Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Ecology Ottawa and local environmental action.

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