What Next?

Image via pxhere.com creative commons

Federally, we have a government that talks about addressing climate change, and wants to lead in addressing plastics waste—but is investing billions of Canadians’ dollars in subsidizing the private fossil fuel industry.

Ontario just elected a party to power whose leader has promised to eliminate the provincial cap-and-trade program designed to reduce carbon emissions and cut gasoline taxes—and who has previously spoken out against public transit and bike lanes.

Locally, Ottawa’s finance committee is recommending spending citizens’ money to clean up industrial pollution so a private developer can create a contested development on spiritually and culturally significant Algonquin lands; while residents are being evicted by a developer in another neighbourhood.

It’s enough to lead many of us to despair and cynicism.

What to do?

Stay connected, seek out others, look for small wins, keep the long view. Let me know your thoughts.


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