Notes for Guest Bloggers

This site welcomes posts from guest bloggers. Please contact greenlivingottawa (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested.

Make sure your post is specifically concerned with Ottawa. If you write about something that is available nationally or internationally, make sure to include how it is being used in Ottawa and where it can be found.

The blog is solutions-focused. We’re looking for posts that provide information and inspiration to people trying to live in more environmentally-friendly ways. This could include:

  • notes on local flora or fauna
  • activities that can be done locally to reduce your carbon-footprint
  • volunteering for a local environmental group (or the local chapter of a larger organization)
  • a local environmental service
  • locally-produced green products, including local food
  • locally-available green products, including those products produced elsewhere
  • people, groups and communities who are working to protect nature and promote sustainable, healthy and equitable living

For more ideas, look at archived posts.

Posts should be around 250 words, to a maximum of 500 words. Photos or scanned artwork are great. Just make sure you have permission to use the image and permission to post it from everyone in it.

Finally, include a one or two sentence blurb about yourself that can be used as your tag-line.

Please note, this site does not make any money so we are unable to pay for guest posts. You can be assured that your post will be read by many people in your community who share your concern with the environment and that ultimately you will be contributing to the greening of Ottawa. If you keep your own blog on a related theme, we encourage you to use a guest post on this site to advertise it.