Ottawa Senators and Green Roofs

Okay maybe I’m stretching the whole hockey connection, but it’s hockey time in hockey town and the pre-game show is playing on the television in the next room. So, Go Sens Go and if you want to see an example of green roofing, drive by the Scotia Bank Place (Formerly the Corel Centre, formerly the Palladium). The series of living advertisements on the grassy verge of the Queensway in front of Scotia Bank Place have been constructed by Xero Flor “Pioneers in Green Roof Technologies,” a company with 35 years in the business.

A Xero Flor green roof (or hockey-related advertising medium) is made up of a roofing membrane, root barrier, drainage and filter mat, engineered growing medium and pre-cultivated vegetation blanket (in this case a moss and sedum mix). Xero Flor, a company that has its roots in Europe and its Canadian headquarters in Brantford, has one other green roof installation in Ottawa on the roof of a private corporate garage.

Okay, so I was stretching the Senators hockey link there, but green roofs are cool, literally, helping to both reflect and absorb the heat from the sun. Surely NHL arenas, where ice is made and used well past the winter season, are in great need of cooling. Maybe the Xero Flor should move upstairs to the roof of the Palladium instead of just cooling the grassy verge. Now over to the game…

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