Where to Buy Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Ottawa


Bottled water has been getting a well-deserved bad rap these days. Bottled water is shipped a long way at considerable cost in terms of the production of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

The plastic bottles are wasteful. Even though many municipalities recycle them, recycling takes energy and plastics can only be recycled a few times before they have to go to landfill (unlike glass or metal).

There is also a growing concern over the leaching of carcinogens into water from the plastic bottles. This concern applies equally to reusable water bottles and to other drinks packaged in plastic.

Bottled water is only required to be as good as tap water, not better and much of what is sold is just filtered tap water. So why not filter your own tap water, sourced in your own bioregion, and bring it with you in a non-reactive stainless steel water bottle that can be used and re-used for generations.

Klean Kanteen, pictured above, makes stainless steel water bottles in assorted sizes. They are designed to fit into standard water bottle carriers. These bottles come with your choice of sport-top or simple screw top. It is also possible to fit certain sippy-cup lids onto these bottles. All lids and bottle sizes are available at Arbour Environmental Shoppe. However, they sell out almost as soon as they are in stock, so you might want to phone ahead. Also be prepared to pay more for a stainless steel water bottle than for a plastic one. The cost evens out in the end though because you’ll never have to replace your metal bottle.

Arbour Environmental Shoppe, 800 Bank Street, Ottawa, K1S 3V8, 613-567-3168

8 thoughts on “Where to Buy Stainless Steel Water Bottles in Ottawa

  • Water Universe on Richmond Road also sells Klean Kanteen. I go there a couple times a week to fill up my (big glass) water bottles and they’ve always got some Kanteen’s in stock.

  • It is very good article. Instead of buying water bottles in the shop.It is better to take filter tap water from home to carry with us. Here we have a non-reactive stainless steel water bottle which can be used and re-used for generations. You can have a look stainless-steel water bottles.

  • There’s also the following sources:

    In Wakefield, there is a store called Life without Plastic. You can also order online.

    There is also a store in the Glebe called Arbour that sells them.

    Note: There are three cap options: Sport, Flat and Loop. They come in either plastic #5 polypropylene or stainless steel.

    My only beef is that these bottles are made in China. Is there not a US or Canadian option?

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  • Check out a Canadian company in Kelowna called the Watergeeks. They have really cool stainless steel waterbottles in great colors. My whole family loves them especially the kid friendly colors!

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