Local Flavours: 100-mile Artisanal Cheeses

There are a surprising number and variety of artisanal cheese producers within 100-miles of Ottawa. All of these producers have on-site stores (phone for the hours they are open to the public) and all are available through various delicatessens, caterers, grocery stores and health food stores in Ottawa, though some are more widely available than others. Back Forty, for example, is hard to find, but Nicastros generally has some. Forfar, Balderson, and St. Albert are available in most grocery stores. For the Quebec cheeses, you might have to venture into Gatineau to find them, though Floralpe is available at the Wheat Berry and the Wild Oat.

Back Forty Artisan Cheese, sheep farm and producers of 5 raw sheep’s milk cheeses, R.R.3 Lanark, ON, 613-259-5734

Forfar Dairy, est. 1863, 26 different cow, goat and sheep cheeses, 1536 Conty Road 42, Portland, ON, 613-272-2107

St. Albert Cheese, est. 1894, 18 cow’s milk cheeses, St. Albert, ON, 1-800-465-1553

Balderson Cheese, est. 1881, 14 different cow’s milk cheddars, 100 Taylor Road, Lanark, ON, 613-259-0202

Skotidakis Goat Farm, est. 1975, cow and goat fetas, cow ricotta, 185 County Road 10, St. Eugene, ON, 613-674-3183

Ferme Floralpe, they raise their own goats and produce 6 different goat cheeses, 1700 Highway 148, Papineauville, QC, 819-427-5700

La Biquetterie, goat farm and producer of 6 cow and goat cheeses, 470 Highway 315, Cheneville, QC, 819-428-3061

La Trappe a Fromage de L’Outaouais, est. 1995, 5 cows cheeses, 200 rue Bellehumeur,Gatineau, 819-243-6411

Ferme Les Folies Bergeres, sheep farm and sheep cheeses, 955 route 317, St-Sixte, 819 983-4010

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