Green Homes Showcase

Written by Denise Deby. Thanks to Rabita Sharfuddin at EnviroCentre for information.

From EnviroCentre Green Homes Showcase poster, courtesy of EnviroCentre
From EnviroCentre Green Homes Showcase poster, courtesy of EnviroCentre

If you’re interested in making your home greener, or would like to see energy efficiency and sustainability in action, you’re in luck: EnviroCentre and the Social Planning Council of Ottawa are hosting a Green Homes Showcase on Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013.

The doors of 10 homes that use sustainable technologies will open up to the public from noon to 4 p.m. They include upgraded older homes, infill houses, a new condo, a co-housing community, a housing co-operative, a carbon-neutral home and even a 160-year-old farmhouse on a 120-acre organic farm.

You’ll be able to see and ask questions about passive solar designs, geothermal systems, sustainable flooring and other features, heat recovery ventilation systems, insulation and more. Homeowners, contractors and other professionals will be on hand to provide information.

There’s more information including a map with locations of the homes at The tour is free.

In addition to the Green Homes Showcase, EnviroCentre is also offering free workshops in collaboration with local businesses to help people learn about green building materials, financing options and sustainable landscaping, starting October 3, 2013. Check their website for details on this and other EnviroCentre programs.

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