Peace and Environment News

Peace and Environment News, the PEN, is Ottawa’s longest running source of information on local environmental and social justice issues and solutions. It is available for free at libraries and assorted health food stores, book stores, community centres etc. You can also subscribe to PEN through making a donation to the Peace and Environment Resource Centre. After some months’ delay back issues are also made available on-line.

Besides articles of local, national and international interest, the PEN also features a two-page calendar of upcoming Ottawa environmental, peace and social justice events as well as listings of local activist groups, e-mail bulletins, radio and tv-shows.

The May-June issue includes articles on revisioning democracy in municipal politics, a review of the greenness (or lack there of) of the municipal budget, a green design for Tucker House, homelessness in Ottawa, lobbying for a turtle sanctuary, greening sacred space, banning cluster munitions and a new farmers’ market in Cumberland.  PEN will be on summer holidays so the next issue will not come out until September.

For information on how to submit a story or an event notice go to their website: 

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