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Since I last posted on this blog over three months ago I have re-located to Edinburgh, where I will be living for at least the next two years.  I’m in Scotland to study storytelling in environmental education and activism.

I’ve been missing my Green Living Ottawa blog so much that I’ve set up a new one about my experiences in Edinburgh.  While this new blog will obviously be based in Edinburgh, it will keep one metaphorical foot in Ottawa, reflecting on how things differ or are similar between the two cities.

I hope that you’ll join me over at

Meanwhile, stay tune for more guest posts on this blog, Green Living Ottawa.

4 thoughts on “Green Living Edinburgh Blog

  • Hi! Glad to be reading your blogs again. Any chance you’ll be blogging about storytelling? Being homeschoolers, we are very interested in what you have to say. Maybe you could youtube a story or two one day?

  • I’m so happy you’ve decided to continue blogging while you away. I really enjoy reading about the things you’ve done in Ottawa and I am looking forward to the new things I’ll learn from your Edinburgh blog. What happened to the guest posts from the environmental studies class at Carleton University? Please keep up the good work!

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