May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa

Written by guest blogger Denise Deby, who writes on local and global social and environmental issues.

Ottawa has quite a few winter cyclists, but for many of us the disappearance of snow and the onset of spring weather have us pulling out and tuning up our bicycles.

May is Bike to Work month in Ottawa. The Bike to Work website has information for people at all levels of cycling, including how to create bike-friendly workplaces, and a list of events throughout the month and into June. You can pledge to cycle to work more often, and keep informed through the Bike to Work Facebook page. Bike to Work is part of the City of Ottawa’s TravelWise program and is coordinated by EnviroCentre.

May is also Physical Activity Month. The City has launched the iWalk iBike campaign to encourage people to use active transportation like walking and cycling whenever possible.

Meanwhile, the National Capital Commission is holding public consultations on proposed new rules governing the use of electric bikes and other electric-powered vehicles on NCC pathways. Consultations will be on Tuesday May 3 and Wednesday May 4, or residents can send comments until May 18 to

The Bixi bike-share program is scheduled to launch in mid-May. The plan is that people will be able to rent bikes at any of 10 stations in downtown Ottawa for short-term rides. Check their Facebook site for updates on the launch and facilities.

If you’re looking to acquire a bike on a more permanent basis, there are lots of places to check out. You can buy refurbished bikes from Cycle Salvation and re-Cycles community bicycle shop. Re-Cycles also provides space and expertise for do-it-yourself repairs, and both accept donated bikes (check their websites for details).

If you want to brush up on your cycling skills, check the City of Ottawa’s website for information on cycling courses. Ottawa Start also has a good list of bike-related links.

Happy and safe spring cycling!

4 thoughts on “May is Bike to Work Month in Ottawa

  • Thanks for the reminder Denise. Maybe what I need is the added incentive of a pledge together with the nice weather that May is bringing. I plan to bike to work about twice a week, have planned my route, have taken a few shorter rides and just need to really do it!

    Biking with the kids is great too!

  • I have been biking since May 1st and I have seen lots of bikers out. It is good to see everyone being active outdoors.

    Surprisingly, those rainy days didn’t stop the bikers.

    Keep it up Ottawa bikers!

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